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O3 and Cancer

O3 and Cancer
Cancer cells have disturbed metabolisms. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg discovered as far back as 1925 that cancer cells function best in the absence of oxygen, in effect, living on fermentation rather than respiration. Some authors report that tumor cells don't have enough of the proper enzymes to resist ozone's actions.
There are many scientific and anecdotal reports of successful treatment of cancer with ozone therapy. "The logic sustaining the use of oxygen-ozone application to the treatment of carcinomas rests on the strategy of capitalizing on the disturbed metabolism of cancer cells…. In one study, cultured cells of different carcinoma types were compared with non-cancerous human lung fibroblasts on exposure to ozonated air…Lung carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, breast adenocarcinoma, uterine carcinosarcoma and endometrial carcinoma showed 40-90
% growth inhibition (depending on the concentration of ozone used)… The non-cancerous cells were relatively unaffected. The authors postulate that cancer cells are less able to compensate for the oxidative challenge of ozone than normal cells, possibly by way of a less functional glutathione system.
There are many clinical and anecdotal reports (see below) of ozone…being prescribed on a daily basis for several weeks, applied to the treatment of various carcinomatous conditions.

(From Ozone in Medicine: Overview and Future Directions by Gerard V. Sunnen MD)

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