Sunday, July 02, 2006

Better Nutrition Has Parents Seeing Double

BETTER diets could be fuelling an increase in the number of women having identical twins, new research suggests.
An Australian study challenges the widely held view that twin pregnancies have only become more common because of IVF treatment .
The research highlights a steady increase in rates of identical twinning dating back to before in-vitro fertilisation was introduced.

It indicates that natural forces must be at work, according to Professor Robert Jansen, medical director of Sydney IVF
The most likely explanation was that improved nutrition was helping to trigger identical twinning, he said.
"It's hard to think of a steady trend that has occurred over such a long period of time other than one that is due to the improved health and nutrition of mothers, which is reflected in the increased capacity of an egg to form embryos," said Prof Jansen .

His team reviewed Australian national birth statistics from 1920 to 2003 to determine the sex of babies at birth among multiple pregnancies.
He reported his findings to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Prague.
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