Monday, November 13, 2006

No Trick Just an Incredible Healthy Treat

Halloween is coming and the kids will have their hands out for acidic sugary treats. This year for Halloween may I suggest giving the children a real treat with no trick -- organic Red Ruby Grapefruits picked fresh from Ranch Avorado and delivered right to your home before Halloween.

These succulent members of the citrus family are grown in Dr. Robert and Shelley Young's private orchard, Ranch Avorado. With its unmistakable flavor, these grapefruits offer a subtle sweetness and signature tartness that everyone can enjoy - without the sugar high!

Nutritionally, the bitter flavor comes from limonene, a limonoid that gives grapefruit its proven anticarcinogenic properties. Naringine, a flavonoid found in grapefruit, is also effective in preventing cancer.

Furthermore, narigine improves blood circulation, while pectin (a soluble vegetable fiber) unclogs arteries. These organic grapefruits are waiting patiently - remaining on the tree until we receive your order. They are then hand-picked and packaged.

Thus, the organic, natural freshness is impeccably preserved. Do you and the children's health, taste buds, and the environment a favor - Order today and give the treat of good health this coming Halloween! To order your grapefruits for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or even New Years.

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