Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Candida Yeast Protection Program

In Part I of the Candida Yeast Protection Program we covered the symptoms of yeast overgrowth that afflict close to 80 million Americans each year.

This month we outline a five-phase treatment program designed to free the body of Candida and prevent future recurrences. Phase I deals with starving Candida through dietary modification.

Foods to avoid and foods to eat freely will be discussed in detail. Phase II deals with killing Candida with fatty acids, herbal concentrates and antifungal drugs. Phase III involves counteracting the toxic reactions to dying yeast cells with fluids, fiber, activated charcoal, digestive aids and nutritional supplements. Phase IV involves reinoculating the bioculture of the bowel, and Phase V is a list of recommendations for lifestyle changes to prevent future recurrences.

More information: Candida Yeast Protection Program

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