Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Health Tip: Applying an Antiperspirant

(HealthDay News) -- If you sweat a lot, you've probably tried a number of different deodorants and antiperspirants. But if you still haven't found the right one, maybe it's not the antiperspirant that's the problem -- maybe you're not applying it correctly.

The International Hyperhidrosis Society offers these suggestions about applying antiperspirants:
  • If the product doesn't appear to work when applied only in the morning, try applying it before you go to bed, as well.
  • Let the product stay on the skin for at least six to eight hours.
  • Make sure your skin is completely dry before you apply the product. You can dry the skin with a blow-dryer on the "cool" setting.
  • Avoid washing your skin seconds before you apply the antiperspirant.

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