Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Colon Cleansing - Prevention is Better Than Cure

Sometimes it helps to have your colon cleansed on a regular basis.
As a personal trainer, I like to keep the out side of my body in shape, as well as the inside.
I personally have my colon cleansed every 6 - 8 weeks.

Another option is Oxygen Based Cleansers.
Oxygen-based colon cleansers are arguably the only way to properly melt away that compacted matter is through an oxidation reduction reaction. They typically use specialized ozonated magnesium oxides to reduce the solid toxic mass into a liquid or gas form. It works in the whole system, not just the large intestine as the other forms of constipation treatments. It cleans the entire intestinal tract and delivers much needed oxygen along the way--all without the side effects of laxatives and discomfort of enemas and hydrotherapy. Read more...

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Health Begins In The Colon

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