Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Vitamin C and Stroke Prevention

by Jeffrey Dach, M.D.

Recently, a friend of mine was hospitalized after a sudden paralysis of the arm and leg which was found to be a stroke on his CAT scan. He is about my age and was previously healthy with no risk factors such as high blood pressure, smoking or obesity. Thankfully, he recovered quickly and back to normal at home.

Why did he get a stroke? What is a stroke and how can it be prevented?

There are two kinds of stroke, the first kind is ischemic which means the blood flow is blocked off by a clot or plug, and the second kind is a hemorrhagic stroke which means a small crack in the artery leaks blood into the surrounding brain. 731,000 strokes occur annually in the United States. Heart attack and stroke have the same cause, namely atherosclerotic vascular disease. Read more...

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