Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mercury Detoxification: Perpetuating Factors, Problems and Obstacles

This article presented 9 years ago at ACAM by Dietrich Klinghardt discusses just a few of the complexities around proving things involving Mercury detoxification. Actually there are undoubtedly far more factors to consider if you start to get into the newer tests for metal speciation and determine if you are dealing with Methyl or Inorganic mercury. Things can get very complex if you are arguing with people whose mind is already made up, as we see in the efforts to prevent the mercury chelation study in autistic children.

There is, however, a somewhat more practical and easier approach. Look at clinical outcomes since that approach is finally being accepted when dealing with patients who seem to have Lyme based on the clinical presentation, maybe to prevent (religious or scientific) discrimination. Read more...

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