Monday, September 06, 2010

Antibiotics, Periodontal Disease, and Cardiovascular Disease

We all know the mouth is a significant contributor to heart attacks and it turns out it is even worse for causing strokes, but what to do about it?

Think of the benefit risk ratio offered by using ACS 200 twice a day by holding it in the mouth for 1 minute before swallowing! And, for even better results, also use Quinton Marine Plasma and hold it a minute also! Those two products can also control chronic sinus problems if instill directly in the nostril while recumbent. This simple trick will put antibiotics to shame and help you keep your patients alive!

Remember my motto is FIGHT for HEALTH and ignoring the latent undiagnosed chronic infections present in everyone is a bad choice. You have a safe effective silver product that makes a real difference. To go one further, feed the oral mucosa and follow or combine the ACS 200 treatment with an ampoule of Quinton Marine Plasma Hypertonic! Read more...

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