Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pasteurized Food Is A Tragedy

Research has suggested "too much protein"
can cause bone loss. It is not the quantity of the protein, but the quality of the protein - whether it has been heated or pasteurized or not.

To fully understand the language used in the nature of matter and fermentation is, of course, to understand the microzymian theory and how the Pasteurian theorists have confused the issue and complicated the understanding.

First, in the context of the research and writing of Antoine Bechamp, the fully living, indestructible microzyma, in its unaltered state, is part of its natural surrounding whether it is within a mineral or flesh state with all the measurable frequency and voltage of that substance.

When consumed, the microzyma changes with its new environment to become a building block of another form. If it is not heated, the nitrogenous, protein packed microzyma will still have great energy and able to break down particular pieces of food into liquid globes still having organized electrical power within the long-chain molecular structure of the microzyma. Read more...

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