Thursday, October 13, 2011

Food Prep May Be as Important as Ingredients Themselves

(HealthDay News) -- The methods used to produce or cook food may have as much impact on your health as the actual food, U.S. researchers report.

Grilled, fried or broiled animal products such as meats and cheeses contain a class of toxins called "advanced glycation end products" (AGEs), which have been linked to inflammation, insulin resistance, diabetes, vascular and kidney disease, and Alzheimer's disease, say a team from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.

AGEs are also produced when food products are sterilized and pasteurized.

In a new study, the Mount Sinai researchers found that healthy people can have elevated levels of AGEs in their blood and that levels tend to be higher in older adults than in younger adults.

The study of 172 healthy men and women, ages 18-45 and ages 60-80, found that AGE levels were 35 percent higher in participants age 64 and older than in those younger than age 45.

Overall, the higher the participants' consumption of foods rich in AGEs, the higher their blood levels of AGEs and the higher their levels of C-reactive protein and other biomarkers of inflammation. Read more...

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