Tuesday, December 06, 2011

known the main causes of chronic health conditions

Many behavioral risk factors, chief among them smoking, heavy drinking, and obesity, are known the main causes of chronic health conditions. The previous studies showed that the chronic health conditions, like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, in turn are primary drivers of health care spending, incapacity, and death.

But a recent study found that survivors of breast cancer have a much higher risk of evolving a second breast cancer than women in the common population have of developing a first breast cancer. Unfortunately, little is known about what lifestyle factors may make survivors more vulnerable to a second cancer. “We found that obese women had a 50 percent increased risk, women who consumed at least one alcoholic drink per day had a 90 percent increased risk, and women who were current smokers had a 120 percent increased risk of developing a second breast cancer.” Read more...

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