Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Micronutrients Helpful For Heart Failure Patients

Micronutrients helpful for heart failure patients
Researchers find significant improvements in cardiac pumping ability

NEW YORK - Micronutrient supplementation improves heart function and quality-of-life in elderly patients with chronic heart failure, according to a report from investigators in Germany and the UK.

The vitamin story has been confused with studies examining the response to single vitamin supplements in relatively low-risk patients, Dr. Klaus K. A. Witte from Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham, told Reuters Health.

On the other hand, “CHF patients are at higher risk and might have multiple deficiencies. Replacing just one micronutrient might expose deficiency elsewhere (the vitamin E and C interaction, for example), so a combination is important, Witte explained.

He and his and colleagues investigated the effects of long-term multiple micronutrient supplementation in 32 patients older than age 70 years with stable heart failure.

After an average of 295 days, the patients who had been assigned to get micronutrient supplements experienced significant improvements in cardiac pumping ability, the team reports in the European Heart Journal. Read more...

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