Sunday, December 04, 2005

P & B Shake

Systemic Candida
by Jeanne Deslandesby Jhan
Bowel cleanse for candida

Psyllium (a fiber) and Bentonite (a clay) shakes are the best treatment against candida.

The shake takes its name from the difficulty to rehydrate the solid clay: the way to do it is to put it in a jar and to shake (liquid clay is easier to mix with psyllium husk).Psyllium is a fiber it acts as a brush on the sides of your intestinal walls and cleanses the bowel.Bentonite clay is a volcanic clay, it adheres to the toxins and to the candida threas an drag them out of your bowels.

At first this mix tends to cause a bit of constipation, the inverse of what it should do, you can prevent that by starting with psyllium alone and then add the bentonite (which adhering to the candida threads will slow down the intestinal transit) or by using sene (or another laxative) at first, until you are comfortable with the shake alone.

Here is the recipe:


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