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Treatment: Internal Problems

1). Food - Eagle Pack - Holistic Duck or Holistic Fish, Holistic Chicken or Senior - To locate a retailer go to their website
2). Then introduce the Yeast Removal Kit 877-816-6500 or which includes:
Oxy-Drops - to destroy the yeast/fungus in the gut and to keep the proper pH of the gut so it is an uninviting environment for fungus to proliferate
BacPakPlus - Fortified - beneficial bacteria needed to restablish the flora of the gut, crowd out the fungus and to protect the lining of the intestines from leaky gut syndrome.
Nzymes - A Dietary Enzymes - needed to detoxify the body from the byproducts of the dying fungus and bacteria.
Tincture of Blackleaf - works with Oxydrops to destroy fungus

Add diluted Oxy-Drops concentrate to their food. Put 1 drop per 20 lbs. of body weight, mixed in 2 to 4 ounces of water and pour over the food to make sure it gets in their system. Oxydrops kills fungus and pathogenic bacteria because it attacks a particular enzyme, only present in the fungus and bad bacteria. I also put some drops in their drinking water. For a large dog in a gallon of water, I use 5 drops. With my Pug, I will use 1-2 drops to her small bowl of water.
For itchy skin, ears or eye infections mix 1 teaspoon of OxyDrops in 1 cup of distilled water and wash or spray it on the areas 2-4 times a day. Black dogs will fade to red, so if this is a show dog, you may have to wait until the new coat comes in.

All of these products together, a good food, probiotics/digestive enzymes, dietary enzymes and Oxydrops will work to stem the rise of fungus and get the system back into balance within time. Be patient, it takes 30 - 90 days to get this problem corrected.
You must use a meat based holistic food and For a complete list of raw diet options and commercial foods see: Blackwatch Feed Program For Systemic Yeast Infection

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