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Systemic Yeast, Fungus Infections, Bloat, Candida Albicans GREATDANELADY.COM: "From Woodhaven Labs - Thank you for this information.

Cleaning Ears and Treating Ear Infections
Own a Labrador or any drop eared dog long enough and someday you'll notice a foul smelling odor coming from the ears. Dogs with drop ears are notorious for developing ear infections. Ear infections can make dogs and their owners miserable. Its probably the number 1 complaint of dog owners with their veterinarian. The dogs itch, and scratch their ears until they start bleed. Hematomas can develop because of the shaking of the dog's head and the intense itching and scratching. Because the drop ear hangs down and doesn't allow air to flow through the ear, they are subject to ear problems since a moist, dark and hot ear is an ideal growth medium for bacterial or yeast infections. Because of this problem, it is important to keep your dog's ears clean. Owners of floppy-eared dogs should regularly check the ears for a build-up or an odor inside the ear, particularly if the dog scratches the general are of the ear a lot, shakes its head often holds the head crooked or rubs its head. If your dog has these symptoms, you are probably looking at an ear infection. Ear infections can be dangerous if they're ignored. The eardrum can perforate or the infection could travel to the brain since it is so close to the ear canal. Always have your vet check the ear the first time you notice a smell, a buildup inside or any of the previous symptoms. Your vet can determine if you're dealing with excess wax, yeast or ear mites.
This is the best solution I have used when it comes to gucky ears. It was given to me years ago by a veterinarian.
16 oz. bottle isopropyl alcohol (or witch hazel)
4 tablespoons Boric Acid Powder
16 drops Gentian Violet "

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