Sunday, July 16, 2006

Nail Fungus and Nail Salons, Even Celebrities Aren't Immune

For millions of suffers, nail fungus is an unsightly and potentially painful problem. Recently, nail salons have been in the news because of reports of unsanitary practices. Singer and American Idol judge, Paula Abdul went before the California Senate and Business Committee to urge them to pass legislation to provide stricter rules and regulations for nail salons in California. Abdul's concern stemmed from an incident in 2004, which had her in and out of hospitals for a year after a manicure gave her a nail infection. The infection had her thumb so sensitive that even the touch of hair on her hand made her scream. Nail fungus is a common infection that affects more than 2.5 million Americans annually.

The most common way that nail fungus is spread is by using utensils that haven't been properly sterilized. One California salon spread infection through more than 110 of their clients. The sources were spa chairs that hadn't been properly cleaned. This company wasn't thoroughly cleaning out the bowls on their spa chairs; as a result, microorganisms were growing inside the filters. The cleaning regulations for footbaths were vague, and didn't include instructions for cleaning the filters. When investigators checked behind the screens, they found that bacteria and other microorganisms were thriving. Even though this was an extreme case, it is indicative of what happens because of lax regulations throughout the industry. The most common infections that are passed from salons are fungal infections, specifically nail fungus. If you find yourself in a position where you have nail fungus, what are your options for eliminating it? You could try a topical over-the-counter medication, which you would just rub over the surface of the nail. This is typically a relatively inexpensive method for treating nail fungus.

The difficulty with a purely topical medicine is that, alone, it's virtually ineffective for treating the infection. It would only provide temporary relief from the pain and discomfort. The next option would be to go to your physician and get a prescription medication. This would actually get into your blood stream to treat the nail fungus from the inside out. Terbinafine is the antifungal medication that would be used to treat this infection and if you bought a generic brand of Terbinafine it would cost around $100 for a month supply. The side effects of Terbinafine vary and some can be staggering. They range from itching, rash, and diarrhea to change in vision, liver and even kidney damage.

If you are more interested in nutraceuticals and an all natural approach to medications, then you should consider Leucatin. Leucatin has both an oral and topical approach to eliminating the fungus. The topical treatment is sprayed directly onto the nail 3 times daily for 7 days. The oral treatment is taken twice daily for 7 days. For $67 you would receive enough product to rid yourself of nail fungus, and the best part is that these products are sold with a one year money back guarantee, to ensure that if you're unsatisfied with the product, you can return it, no questions asked.

Leucatin is a good choice for people who want to treat their fungal infections from the inside and out. Leucatin only takes a week to make nails look healthier and shinier; whereas, some of the other products could take you anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks before the nail would be healed. A person's nails are important to keep maintained. Trying a natural treatment would expedite the healing process, which will get you back to wearing sandals in no time! If you want more information on the product, Leucatin, simply go to
Rachelle Ross INCREASE MEDIA 901-753-7588

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