Friday, November 03, 2006

Grape Seed Extract Stops the Growth of Cancer

Chemicals found in grape seeds inhibited the growth of colorectal tumors in both cell cultures and in mice.

Grape seed extract has already been demonstrated to have anti-cancer effects on other tumor types, as well. The skin and seeds of grapes are rich in proanthocyanidins, antioxidant flavonoids that remove harmful free radicals from cells.

After first exposing grape seed extract to two different kinds of human carcinoma cells, researchers discovered a dose- and time-dependent inhibition of cell growth. Live cancer cells that were exposed for the longest time -- about two days -- decreased by 92 percent when given the highest dose.

Experiments on mice then showed 44 percent reduction of advanced colorectal tumors, and also demonstrated for the first time the molecular mechanism by which grape seed extract inhibits cancer growth. It increases a critical protein, Cip1/p21, that effectively freezes the tumor cell cycle, and can push a cancer cell to self destruct.

Increased 150 Times
The amount of Cip1/p21 protein within the cells increased 150 times after 12 hours of treatment. The longer the extract was used, the more cancer cells were frozen before they had a chance to divide.

The research team now intends to determine the lowest effective dose, and the highest non-toxic doses, for grape seed extract used on mice.
EurekAlert October 18, 2006

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