Thursday, November 09, 2006

A pH Miracle

When you change your life you have the opportunity to change the lives of others. Please read Heathers story below...

About 2 years ago I lost a niece to suicide, after this tremendous shock I began to experience depression like I had never experienced before and over a period of time got to the point where not only did I not have any energy what so ever but I had no drive.

I would sleep for up to 12 hours some days and feel like I was coming out of a general anaesthetic for hours after waking up.

I also got to the point where I had to have an afternoon sleep to feel that I could cope with the 2nd shift of the day (the kids), after school.

I also was finding I had little if any patience left for my husband and kids. Around this same period of time I began to experience quite severe attacks of acid just below the sternum.

I went to the doctors reluctantly as I am not a big fan of allopathic medicine.

I had a scan done to see if I had gallstones etc and the deluxe blood test of them all. The scan came back clear, and the tests came back looking really good. I was told there was nothing wrong with me.

I had great health according to the tests.At this point I realised that I needed to look elsewhere but to be honest I had tried lots of alternatives prior to the doctor, which was the last resort at that point.

I then listened to a CD of Tony Robbins about a green drink and how he regained his energy through drinking this 'green stuff'. That was the beginning of my journey back to the house of health and things began to really improve for me on all levels.

I bought Dr. Young's book Sick & Tired? and for the first time ever found amazing common sense within the pages.

I could not believe in all the study of natural medicine etc that I had done I had never heard of any of this before. Within about 3 weeks of drinking the greens I began to regain my strength and for the first time in 2 years felt there really was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I no longer needed to have that afternoon nap I had needed before, I found my patience levels increased dramatically which means so much to me as I was able to enjoy my kids again. As my energy increased more and more and the terrible acid pain left me once and for all I realised that more people needed to know about this approach.

I enquired about having the blood tests done over here in Australia and discovered there was no one here trained to do Dr.Young's work. My husband is a Chiropractor and we own a Wellness Practice in Tasmania so I decided to go to the States and do the Microscopy course to bring it to people over here.

I could think of so many of our patients who could benefit so much from this work.

I remember the first time I saw my blood and tested my pH; I realized that if I never made one cent from the course it was worth 1000 times the cost of the course to make the realization and connection that I really had created all of this. We would tell patients this all the time, ' You are responsible for your own health' but for some reason it took this experience for the penny to really drop for me.

I had, whether knowingly or unknowingly, been abusing my body for the past 39 years and it was time to 'grow up and take responsibility' for what I had created. I remember going back to the hotel room and in almost tears apologising to my body for not supporting it and treasuring it like I should have. Where I had been told there was nothing to worry about I was to discover once I had my blood analysis done that I had plenty to worry about.

I had Hypercalcemia, Systemic Candida, Parasites, Hyperadrenia, Bowel Toxicity, High sugar intolerance, extensive degeneration, and much more.Since that time I have turned my life around in so many ways and have found the most rewarding work I have ever done in all my life, apart from helping animals.

I see people everyday walk in and they all write down on their intake form that they're exhausted, have aches and pains and of course some are a lot worse than this. Some are very sceptical when we first begin as they have heard so many theories, tried so many things, trusted so many practitioners, wasted so much money and for several they have said this was the last thing they were going to try.

By the time they walk out they are excited, they all say this stuff makes so much sense, why has no one told me this before? They all have new hope.

I love the fact that I know this really works. I explain that the more that they change the more they will improve but it really is down to them. For some it takes a process that they need to go through, a few had not been ready to take responsibility and still wanted to blame someone else for their problems but the seeds are planted and usually after a few weeks they come around and begin the program.

I personally think that systemic yeast, parasites and Hyperadrenia are seriously overlooked in the allopathic world, but I guess there's too much money to loose.

Since I have brought this into our clinic, our business has grown in so many ways, the type of client who walks through our doors has changed and we have got more out of the course than we could have ever dreamed possible.

I had paid back the cost of this course (including the travel and accommodation expenses) in less than 4 months, but more importantly we, as a family, 'practice what we preach'.

My husband always says to his patients 'look at the health of the person giving you your health advice, this will give you a gauge as to whether it works or not'. As a family we look and feel fantastic.

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and this is why our business has grown so much in the past 8 months. So many of our clients have finally found what they had been looking for; a program that really works!I will never be able to thank Dr.Young and Shelley enough for what they have given me and my family and many here in Tasmania, Australia.

I can't wait to do the advanced course, David; my husband wants to do the courses one day also.

Love and LightHeather

PS. If you have a passion for natural living, the Alkalarian(tm)lifestyle and enjoy helping others by sharing these life changingdistinctions, consider becoming a Dr Young trained Nutritional Microscopist.

Whether you have been thinking of supplementing your current income or you are interested in a career path change, we look forward to speaking with you.

For more information on this opportunity go here:

ph Miracle Center

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