Friday, September 12, 2008

How to Get Fungus Free For Life

Kathryn Bell, of West Peoria, Illinois, was taking a laundry list of medications for everything from nerves to depression to high blood pressure. But when she broke out with a rash covering her entire body, her doctors could not come up with a cure. It was her daughter, Janet Ricca, who found the remedy. Janet had luck in the past treating her own digestive and skin disorders with antifungal herb supplements, so she shared the idea with her mother. Kathryn's doctors were flabbergasted with the results. Not only did her rash disappear but so did her other disorders. The 80-year-old woman no longer needs the long list of prescription medications. In fact, she's up and moving like never before.

There are over 400 fungi that produce pathogens, or mycotoxins, which are toxic to humans. According to Doug Kaufmann, a prominent fungus expert and host of the syndicated daily health show, Know the Cause!, "Mycotoxins cannot presently be discerned inside the human body. All we can do is see the track of damage they cause." Fungi are ubiquitous, and easily find their way into our systems. A fungal overgrowth in the body can mimic many diseases, such as diabetes, sinusitis, eczema, digestive disorders, and even cancer. And many times, we unknowingly take antibiotics or other prescription medications that make our symptoms worse. If you think fungus might be at the root of your symptoms, you need to learn how to get the fungus out of your body. Here's how to get fungus-free for life. Continue Reading >>

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