Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bilateral nasal polyposis??

If there are polyps, there is inflammation. If there is inflammation, there is an activated immune system. If there is an activated immune system ,there is a perceived foreign antigen. In the nasal mucosa, it is usually one or more fungi. The ostensible problem of the polyps is easily addressed by nasal antifungals. The ENT's at Mayo are using compounded Amphotericin B(See article below). We use either Sinu Orega from North American Herb and Spice or the formula I developed-OMG nasal spray. Both contain the antifungal component from oregano. My formula addresses basophil cell membrane integrity and inhibition of fungal adhesion to cell membranes. My formula will work on a higher percentage of patients but some patients do better with the Sinu Orega. I don't profit from either formula, so have no bias as to which you choose.More fundamentally, you want to assess why sapprophytes are attracted to his nasal mucosa. Immunocompromise? Ischemia? Too much available glucose? Dysbiosis? Toxin overload? Hypochlorhydria? Hypothyroid? vitamin A/D deficient? Low iodine/iodide levels? If fungi and inflammation are present in one area of the body,its likely that other areas may be sub-clinically infected and harboring the chronic inflammation that shows up later as clinical disease. Inflammatory markers such as: CRP, IL6,lipids, LFT's, alk phos, uric acid, HgAIC, BP, waist circumference, ferritin, increased carotid intimal thickness on ultra sound and fibrinogen will help assess if there systemic inflammation. Read more

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