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Systemic Yeast, Fungus Infections, Bloat, Candida Albicans | GREATDANELADY.COM

Systemic Yeast, Fungus Infections, Bloat, Candida Albicans GREATDANELADY.COM: "Like A Thief In The Night...

In the past years we have seen the overuse of antibiotics in humans and animals, with little regard for the ramifications of this overuse on the environment of the beneficial bacteria of the gut (intestinal flora).

Antibiotics are necessary at times, but need to be use judiciously, and at the same time as we are using antibiotics, we need to supplement probiotics (beneficial bacterias) to reestablish the intestinal flora of the gut that is killed off from antibiotics or lost to stress.

In this article I would like to suggest another approach to the cause and treatment of skin allergies, itchy skin, dry coat, read itchy feet and ear infections. These conditions/diseases are common in other breeds and can happen in any other breeds, some more than others, probably based on their ability to handle stress and the prevalence of the use of antibiotics within a breed.

We have learned using a 'meat based' diet (raw or kibble), and the use of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) and digestive enzymes and dietary enzymes, are beneficial in helping to prevent bloat and getting the most nutrients out of the diet."

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