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Systemic Yeast, Fungus Infections, Bloat, Candida Albicans | GREATDANELADY.COM

Systemic Yeast, Fungus Infections, Bloat, Candida Albicans GREATDANELADY.COM: "The Bad Guys
Let’s explore what happens to a animal’s system when it is overrun with toxic levels of Candida Albicans (yeast/fungus and byproducts). Candida Albicans a common microorganism that lives in the gut and when there is an 'overgrowth' of this fungus/yeast in the gut, it is called a systemic yeast infection, and it affects the health and well being of the whole animal or human.

When the dog is on antibiotics or stressed, the pH balance of the gut is out of balance, and beneficial bacteria in the gut may be destroyed. This causes this insidious fungus to take over and this overgrowth is very detrimental to our health and well being.
These are some of the conditions that can alter the pH balance of the gut.

Dietary Concerns:
Overuse of antibiotics - Killing off of the good bacteria in the gut
Poor quality diet
Feeding a diet that is not meat based (meat should be first ingredient).
Feeding a grain based diet (grains are first ingredient).
No probiotics (friendly yogurt-type bacteria) used when on antibiotics
No probiotics (friendly yogurt-type bacteria) on commercial foods or given daily.
No digestive enzymes on the food or given in the diet daily
No dietary enzymes present to cleans the toxins from the body
Poor quality unusable minerals (minerals run the body’s electrical system).

Other Factors:
Over vaccinations (see Purdue Vaccine Study)
Multivalent vaccines - use of combination vaccines
Thyroid problems /Endocrine - metabolic problems (the body's electrical system)
Stress (seasons, whelping, lactation, vaccines)
Stress (environmental, genetic, physical, emotional etc"

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